Explore: A ‘Wonder-full’ Party

When someone explores, they are filled with wonder, imagination, excitement and determination. Dull moments are few with surprises popping up here and there. Using the theme “explore” at a birthday party means endless fun and activities for all! As soon as guests arrive, have everyone construct their very own binoculars – this will instantly make them… Read More Explore: A ‘Wonder-full’ Party

The Mighty Marshmallow Tower!

‘Tis the season for marshmallows! With s’mores being the most desired treat of the summer, finding marshmallows anywhere will be a breeze! Plus, they’re inexpensive, fluffy, delicious and fun to build towers with! These days marshmallows come in different shapes, sizes and colors. FUN! This birthday party idea requires barely any preparation which will leave… Read More The Mighty Marshmallow Tower!