SiLlY Starburst Sculptures!

This is a fun, last minute idea for a party planner who wants to host an awesome birthday on a budget and time crunch!

Starbursts, sculptures, scrumptious! This hands-on activity is silly, challenging, and rewarding which will make for some happy kids and an extra happy birthday boy/girl. It’s easy both on your pocket book and for planning. Say goodbye to stress and hello to all the wonderful creations your little one will be making on their special day!

All you need for this activity are square candies. I suggest:

  • Starburst (the easiest of all to find)
  • Mambas (these are REALLY tasty and are usually in the $1 section at Target!)
  • Now and Later (a little wonky in shape, and they might knock out a couple kid’s teeth – the Tooth Fairy could be busy!)
  • Andes Mints (chocolatey and minty… maybe a little melty and messy?)

These are all great building candies. I’ll bet there are even more which would be lovely to hear in the comments below!

Separate candy in different bowls and sculpt away! If you have access to googly eyes, popsicle sticks, or other Dollar Store craft supplies, add those to the pile. Bringing sculptures to life will bring even more life to the party!

If you have access to a camera, it’s really fun to make backdrops and take photos of your creations (my robot really enjoyed our photo shoot). Before sculpting, give the kids a piece of paper to draw a background on, tape to a wall and build your sculpture in front of it. Take pictures!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to enjoy the candy afterwards! Fun snack, fun times. The idea of tearing down the sculptures and eating them is a good lesson that activities and birthdays come and go but the memories associated with them last forever!

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