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Here are a variety of links for invitations, thrift store finders, parks, craft ideas and more.

Below is a list of resources for making your very own birthday party invitations. – A user-friendly tool to make e-invitations quick and easy to mail. – The most famous e-invitation services out there. Also has a web app for Android and iOS so that you can use to send invitations right from your phone. – If you have a profile, you can create “events” that you can send to all of your friends, letting them know about upcoming events, like birthday parties. It’s absolutely free. – Free printable party invitations. – A great resource that also has an extended network on Facebook and Pinterest. – Custom create your own free party invitations. Website is very well organized. Also includes a mobile app. – Make free internet birthday invitations. – Well-organized website that gets the job done. – Extremely user friendly, with e-invitations capable of being posted all over social media. Definitely worth checking out.

Below is a list of resources for finding the right public spaces for you:

Libraries – Search for public libraries in your area. – Another great place to look for libraries.

Public Parks!-parkfinder/id402715941?mt=8 – A web app designed to help you search for public parks. – The U.S. National Park service provides a comprehensive list of public parks in your area. Also includes detailed directions.

Houses of Worship – Church finder. – Quaker finder. – Find a synagogue. – Congregation finder. – The Catholic Directory. – Find a Latter Day Saints temple near you. – Find a Mormon church near you.

Below is a short list of thrift-store finders. Type in your address and the websites will produce a list of results: – Perhaps the most comprehensive out there, you can search by City or Zip Code for the nearest thrift store near you. – This website is very easy to navigate and even comes equipped with a map to give you a visual of where you are with respect to the store! Great website.

Below are a list of links that will provide you with some decent leads on additional activities that you can initiate at the birthday party! 

If you’re looking for more craft and party ideas, be sure to follow our Pinterest board Birthday Book for Children – This website is an absolute MUST for any parent looking for additional birthday party activities. The site is one of the most comprehensive out there for parents and their children and includes a treasure trove of great activities that range from arts & crafts to simple games that can be played without any items whatsoever. I highly, highly recommend this one! – Google Calendar. Will be extremely useful when you need to prioritize errands on your event planning list. – Another great web service that helps you prioritize, for both desktop and mobile devices. – Helps you manage events on social media. Although there are a number of packages that cost money, you can use the service for free if you don’t need to sell tickets (which you probably won’t) and you don’t need to send out invitations. It comes in really handy if you want to create an event! – “Moms Living Well for Less” – a great resource not only for birthday parties, but everyday life.


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