A Fairy Special Birthday

This is one of my favorite birthday ideas yet! And, it could very well be the least expensive, which is a huge bonus. Using whatever materials you have on hand (cardboard, scrap wood, buttons, rocks, etc.) make little fairy doors and place them all around in places your birthday guests will never expect them! Get some glitter to use as fairy dust and sprinkle it around the doors and along the trail. 

All the doors in this post were made by my good friend, Val. She placed them on a trail near her granddaughter’s house without her knowing and then one day went for a walk with her along the same trail. What a fun surprise for her to see all those sweet, little doors with all their mysterious secrets! Who lives inside? How did they get there? Those will be the questions that will fill your birthday guests with awe and excitement.

Another fun idea, which Val ended up doing as well, is to leave boxes with treasures along the trail containing little notes encouraging sharing and giving.  Exchange secrets, jewels, hair pins, or whatever your heart desires with the fairies. It’s been fun for not only Val and her granddaughter, but for everyone else who walks the trail. The treasure boxes are always changing and other people are starting to add their own doors!        

I hope this special birthday idea brings you and your guests feelings of pure happiness and wonder. The ‘fairy’ best part about this birthday activity is it doesn’t have to end when the party is over. This is an experience that will last as long as nature allows. What a fun experience to share with everyone, all year round.

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