About the Authors

Mickey Mikeworth

Mickey Mikeworth has worked with families on a budget for over 20 years. This book was created as a resource for families to make the most of a special day without having to break the budget.

It costs very little to make each birthday party special and worth remembering as those children grow up. Having a birthday memory that is fun and filled with laughter is a really generous gift that you give your child that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Celebrations offer little people a chance to hone the very important skills of being a nice host and a kind guest. These are the bigger lessons that kids learn by attending parties and by hosting them. As the people who have chosen to connect with these kids as they journey to adulthood, good manners are free and they pay the highest rewards.

As always, I am grateful to you for looking at our website and reading it. I worked diligently on it so that readers like you could benefit, and I sincerely hope you use as much information here as will help you get that birthday party off the ground. Trust me when I say that it’s always the first few steps that pose the greatest hurdle, but I think you will find that if you keep at it, things will fall into place! Although many people tend to get overwhelmed by the responsibilities that party planning involves, it doesn’t have to be this stressful! If done for the purpose of celebrating your child as well as the people you love and care about, then parties can be downright fun and memorable.

Parties are about celebrating your relationships, and I encourage you to think deeply about your reasons for planning a party, and hope that you’ll begin to see–if you don’t already–that parties are opportunities to show your affection for others. They are also opportunities to build memories together and to ultimately enjoy those precious, fleeting moments in time with those people closest to you in your life. Nothing lasts forever, but birthday parties can make certain moments last a lifetime.

I applaud your interest and passion, dear reader, and wish you all the best in your party planning!

With love,


Katie Shorey

When I was told that part of my job was going to be working with children’s birthday parties, I was PUMPED. My creative juices flow 24/7 which I am thankful for every single day. Because they flow so swiftly, I make doing crafty and thrifty things a part of my everyday routine. I am always on a budget much like the audience we reach out to on 12 Dollar Birthday and am constantly looking for ways to make the best out of what I have. I think I am a pretty good fit when it comes to inexpensive birthday party ideas!

I recently moved back to Wisconsin from Minnesota and work from home with my two cats (Boots and Tubby). We are loving being back in our native land and still being able to do what we love… THIS BLOG.

I have had so many wonderful experiences as a blogger thus far such as: transforming coffee filters into butterflies, flying superhero finger puppets through the sky, and hunting for the most beautiful twigs and leaves for a leaf bouquet by the pond outside our office. On a broader scale, however, just knowing that I am part of a team that is making such a big impact on people’s lives is what I carry with me everyday. Like you hear often, there is no greater gift than the gift of giving. I am not usually into commonly used sayings but that one really hits home when I think about the work Mickey does and strives for her whole team to be a part of. Thinking outside the box as to how we can make the biggest impact on people’s lives is the ABSOLUTE coolest.

I hope you have as much fun reading our blog as we do writing it!



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