Party at the Park – Pretty Perfect

Too often birthday party preparation gets intense and overwhelming. We think that having pretty things (fancy cupcake liners, gold flakes on a cake, personalized mason jar glasses) are what make the party memorable and fun. We tend to forget that the party is actually about our kids! What will they want? What can you do to make their day special? Keep it simple and stay present and playful.

Summer birthdays are some of my favorite celebrations because so much life is present. Summertime in the park… the open space to twirl around, be loud and make up new games together is THE BEST. What a perfect time to celebrate a birthday with close friends and family.

The beauty of going to a park for a birthday party is that there can be swings, slides, grass, picnic tables, fun springy trucks and ducks, etc. No slides or swings? No problem, a huge grassy area is perfect for tag or backwards tag! Is there a pond around? Have a skipping rocks contest. Or, play Race to the Tree! I just made that up… sounds pretty fun though. That’s the beauty of going to a park for a birthday, having no agenda and being able to make up your own games.

Remember! Birthdays don’t have to be complex, they just have to be special and celebrate the anniversary of being a little bigger and smarter.

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