Fall Bring Fun For All – GaMeS

Games are one of the greatest parts of a birthday party because they bring people together. They are interactive, promote healthy competition and are most importantly super fun. This post is part of a series I am doing for October revolving around fall and leaves. They’ve been getting prettier and prettier as the week has gone by. If you’re hosting a birthday party in the fall you are in luck because the gift of nature is one of the greatest gifts of all! What a perfect time of year for a birthday party!

Game ideas –

  • Find the biggest leaf. Before guest arrive, gather a bunch of leaves to form a giant leaf pile outside. Set a 30 second timer and unleash the birthday crew into the pile of leaves. Whoever comes out with the biggest leaf in the pile wins!
  • Buried treasure. Find a cardboard box and fill it with leaves – the bigger the better! Before the party, figure out how many guests will be attending then gather or purchase that amount of little toys (the buried treasure). These toys will eventually be mixed in with the leaves. Before the game starts, give every guest a toy to examine and remember before it is taken from them and put in the box of leaves. When everyone’s toy has been put in the box, have guests take turns to see how fast they can find their toy. Whoever finds their toy the fastest wins!
  • A race to the ground. Gather two chairs and face them towards each other with about 2 feet of space between them. Have two guest grab a leaf of their choice from the buried treasure game, stand on the chairs facing each other, and at the same time drop their leaves. Whichever leaf hits the ground first, wins! The winner then goes on to play the next competitor.
  • Keep the leaf floating. Have guests use only a straw to keep their leaf floating in the air. Whoever keeps their leaf floating the longest wins.

If you haven’t checked out last week’s blog, it’s a good one – it’s all about fall birthday party decorating and will give you free and easy ideas on how to create a beautiful space for your special birthday person on a budget. Reconnect with nature by getting outside with your friends. Breathe in the air, see the changing colors, and feel happy. Check in next week for crafts done with leaves! Happy birthday!

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