Fall Brings Fun for All – DeCoRaTiOnS

If you’re hosting a birthday party in the fall, you are in luck because the gift of nature is one of the greatest gifts of all. For the rest of October, I will be posting ideas for fall birthdays and revolving them all around the prettiest and craftiest part – leaves. Being a Midwestern girl, I have grown very fond of the changing seasons. Fall is my favorite. The heat from the summer has turned into crisp, fresh air and the green on the trees have become rich yellows, reds and oranges. Both children and adults are jumping into leaf piles and hot apple cider is flowing constantly. What a perfect time for a birthday party!

Crafting with leaves is something everyone will enjoy and look forward to for every fall to come. Nature is always around us – I feel like sometimes it goes unnoticed and we take for granted what is right outside. Exploring the outdoors is fun, educational, refreshing, promotes exercise and energy (walking, running, and jumping), and brings people and nature together.

Decoration ideas Don’t decorate alone. Have your special birthday person help you! They will love to help set up for their birthday party.

  • Make a leaf bouquet. Gather leaves and twigs to make a beautiful fall bouquet! You can use string, glue or rubber bands to attach the leaves to the ends of twigs. Use a vase, glass or any other container you have around the house to hold the bunch together. Easy, free and festive!
  • String a leaf banner. Use fishing line and leaves to create an awesome birthday banner. Mix in letters with the leaves to spell out your guest of honor’s name!
  • Use leaves as name place tags. Find the biggest and prettiest leaves and place one at every guest’s seat. Provide markers or other utensils for the kids to write their names on the leaves when they arrive.
  • Turn an elastic hair tie into a napkin ring or beverage identifier. Wrap and glue leaves around an elastic hair tie. Stretch hair tie around napkin or beverage glasses.

These are just a few ideas of how incorporating leaves into your birthday decor can be easy, free, and fun. Check back to the blog soon. The leaves are just starting to fall, our leaf theme is just beginning! Celebrate a birthday, celebrate fall, celebrate life!

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