Flying High with Number Clouds!

There is something about being an airplane that kids just can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the feeling of being free, or simply getting to make funny sounding airplane noises. Either way, being an airplane is awesome and free! PERFECT for a birthday party!

What you need:

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Sidewalk paint (click here to make your own!)
  • Squeeze bottle

Use sidewalk chalk paint to draw clouds all over your driveway or sidewalk. Plain old sidewalk chalk would work well too, but the sidewalk chalk paint makes the clouds pretty and puffy. For ease, you can use a squeeze bottle to apply the paint. When the clouds are done, use the sidewalk chalk to write the numbers in the clouds. Feel free to write a handful of numbers several times or leave some clouds blank.

Once the clouds are ready, have the kids take turns being airplanes by holding out their arms and call out a number they will have to find and fly to. Show them your awesome airplane moves and sounds first in case they are feeling a little shy! For example, you can say, “Sarah, fly to all the number 5’s! Zak, fly to all the number 12’s!” and so on. For a more advanced learning game, practice addition by having kids jump to the sum of two numbers!

This is a great way for kids to exercise their gross motor skills, have fun with numbers, and be silly! Birthday parties involving games like this one is a good reminder that learning doesn’t just have to take place in a school setting. Successfully incorporating learning into a children’s party and making them feel like they are accomplishing something is a rock-star skill to have. The focus of birthdays is to celebrate a child, their accomplishments, and to let them know you love them – that will make them feel like they’re flying their highest.

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