IcE cReAm SuNdAe BaR

An ice cream sundae bar is the next best thing to having a birthday cake. Actually, maybe it’s better? Having a cake is really fun, don’t get me wrong. Hearing the Happy Birthday song and expanding my lungs to blow out the candles is still one of my favorite things to do on my birthday. But, having a buffet of sprinkles, syrups, candies, cookies, along with a big tub of ice cream sounds AMAZING. An ice cream sundae bar doubles as delicious food, a fun activity, and will be the cherry on top of a sweet birthday!

What you will need –

  • BOWLS and/or CUPS – I use bowls for candies and sprinkles and the cups for the ice cream because you can layer ice cream, candies, ice cream, candies, ice cream, candies…. OOO yum!
  • SPOONS – You need to dive into that sundae as soon as it’s made with something!
  • SPRINKLES – Rainbow are my favorite.
  • CANDIES – M&Ms, Kit Kats, Butterfingers, OH MY!
  • COOKIES – mash up favorite cookies by putting them in a baggie and crushing them with your hand!
  • SAUCES and SYRUPS – Buy them at the store or make your own! Sauces and syrups are super easy and inexpensive to make. THIS RECIPE for chocolate sauce proves it!
  • ICE CREAM – One gallon tub should do the trick! Some dollar stores may not have tubs of ice cream but any grocery store will!

Everything you need can be found at the dollar store which means you’re feeding a lot of bellies for next to nothing at all. And, if you can make your own cookies and sauces, that’s another money saver. If you make your own, have your kiddo help in the kitchen. It will get them super excited about their birthday and they can learn how to make some pretty delicious treats!

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