Superhero Finger Puppets!

Imagination and birthday parties go hand in hand. That is why I decided to dream up a fun way to make superhero finger puppets for next to no money at all.

All you need for finger puppets is – 

  • Paper – I used construction paper.
  • Tape – to tape your cone together so it doesn’t unravel.
  • Drawing/Coloring Utensils – to make your superhero extra unique.
  • Scissors – gotta cut that paper somehow!
  • Markers – to draw a little face on your finger.

First and foremost, know that it’s going to get messy – like, paper is going to be everywhere. Not to worry! It’s easy clean up since we’re not using paint or anything that could stain. For even less clean up, encourage little guests to try and use all their scraps on their superhero! Make it a challenge.

I’m including a video on how to make a cone that I found on YouTube by Handimania –

Thank you Handimania for your easy-to-follow video! They have some other really awesome videos on YouTube. Check them out!

Back to it. My steps to make a superhero finger puppet:

  1. Make a cone body.
  2. Cut top of cone big enough to fit the top of your finger through.
  3. Cut a cape out of paper (see top middle photo). I left a little tab on the end to tuck into the cone body.
  4. Get your drawing utensils and make it AWESOME.
  5. Put a face on your finger and fly your superhero around the room.
  6. Try not to worry about the mess 🙂 It was worth it!


Finger puppets are such a perfect way to host an affordable and memorable birthday party. Yeah, there will be superheroes all over the party, but your special birthday person will think you’re the greatest one of them all!

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