Birthdays Are Tough

I bet this has happened to you if you have a big family! Try tackling it by helping the other (non-birthday) sibling feel super special on his brother or sister’s big day by letting them pick out the theme of the party and offer their suggestions. Comment throughout the party that they helped create a wonderful party for their sibling. This will hopefully distract them from the importance of their siblings presents and instead feel incredibly proud and loved.

All In A Dad's Work

Ever been a kid’s birthday party? Ever notice what happens when it’s time to open the presents?

Everyone wants to help. They swarm around the gift opener like a starving wrestling team around a hot pizza.

It’s no different when you’re the birthday boy with a nearly nine year old brother. I had a discussion at bedtime with him the night before, but it brought no relief for him. I knew his little brother was going to be receiving copious amounts of attention for his birthday. I also know that jealousy can be ugly beast when you want what someone else has. I know when DW is opening her birthday gifts or Mother’s Day gifts, I wish it was me opening them.

But I know it’s their turn in the spotlight. An eight year old with impulse issues struggles with giving up the spotlight, especially to his little brother. Then his…

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