The thing I love most about this blog is that from post to post I can go from talking about kittens to talking about pirates. Meeooowwwarrgggghhh!!! This post is all about how to throw a pirate-themed birthday party. So let’s start with the food…

File_000(3)Hotdog Ships!

Hotdog supplies are super inexpensive which makes this party time meal the best idea EVER. You’ll need buns, hotdogs, napkins or paper towels, kabob skewers, and markers to draw on your napkin sail (all can be found at the Dollar Store).

For assembly, simply fold the napkin into a triangle and stick it on a skewer. Poke skewer into the hotdog and voila you’ve got an edible pirate ship.

Captain Hooks!

These are fun and easy, a guaranteed hit with the kids. Hooks are made with a plastic cup (I used a Solo cup) and aluminum foil. Make a small hole on the bottom of the cup (now more than a 1/2″ wide) and thread aluminum foil through it so that there is about 10″ of foil sticking out and about 2″ left in the cup. Fold the part sticking out into the shape of a hook and put the cup on your hand. You are now a captain.

Treasure Hunts!

Treasure hunts are super easy and free! Pinterest has a ton of free downloads and print-outs for different treasure hunts if you aren’t feeling like creating your own. Use resources like Pinterest whenever you are feeling lost… they always get the brain jogging! For the treasure, you can get chocolate gold coins or any other fun candy that you can find at the Dollar Store. When hunting, instead of every single guest hunting themselves, I like to make teams. I chose the teams myself so that the guests  work with someone who they normally wouldn’t. It’s good to work outside of your comfort zone! Having kids reach a goal as a team is also a great learning experience! Happy hunting!

There you have it: hotdogs, captains, and hunting – a party your little one will TrEaSuRe always. Check us out on Pinterest whenever you have a brain fart and are looking for a good time for you and your special birthday boy or girl. We know being on a budget can be overwhelmingly stressful, and we are always here to find easy, inexpensive, and fun ways to avoid that stress!

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