Invitations – Make ‘Em, Mail ‘Em!

I get that it’s easier to create an invitation electronically. You can send it electronically, edit it electronically – low cost, low maintenance. We must never forget, however, how good that feeling is to get a physical invitation in the mail that you can touch, smell, and admire every time you pass by it on the refrigerator.

I have a super inexpensive way to send invitations to everyone on your list – as postcards! Postcard stamps are cheaper than normal stamps ($.35 instead of $.49). I’ll set you up with the format and let you loose to make the most unique invitations that ever existed… because they were made by you!

What you’ll need to make your invitations –

  • tag board
  • scissors
  • crayons/permanent markers – writing utensils that won’t smudge
  • a ruler
  • postcard stamps

Here’s the format that has to STRICTLY be followed in order to successfully send a postcard (these are the United States Postal Service regulations!)


<– What do those colors mean?!

Yellow – Do not put any addresses here with a zip code and state, otherwise there may be a chance of your postcards being returned to you.

Red – No text or graphics are allowed that are greater than 7% grayscale. This is especially important for the Post Office Barcode Area. This area must be kept clear or your postcards will not be mailed or returned to you.

The format for the back of the postcard will have to be followed very strictly. The front, however, can be as crazy as you want it.


Does your birthday boy or girl love drawing? Have them decorate the postcards. Children’s drawings are some of my favorite – so random and full of character. They’ll have so much fun doing it too! Here are some that I am currently working on for an upcoming birthday party that I’m hosting. Can’t wait to get them in the mail!

Oh! As far as RSVPing, I suggest just having guests text or call you by a certain date. That’s been working really well for me.

Have a blast with this project. Not only with this be a fun activity to work on with your birthday boy or girl, it will be even more enjoyable for your guests. A personal, mailed invitation is filled with SO MUCH LOVE.

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