Balloon Ball Bonanza

Balloon Ball is a homemade version of the classic, old-school, arcade game of Skee Ball. This is a fun activity to do at any party and is fun for all ages. All you need are three boxes and as many balloons as you wish which can both be found at any Dollar Store. Spruce the boxes up as much as you would like… that’s the beauty of having a blank cardboard box! Label one box, “200,” the second, “100,” and the last, “50.” I taped some flag shaped paper to kabob skewers for mine! Place the boxes in a line with the “200” box and the “50” box in the front so that it is more difficult to make your balloon into the highest points box.


Once your boxes are in order, create a line approximately 6 feet away from the first box. This will be where your guests will throw, bat, or kick their balloons from to try and make them into the boxes. You can blow up the balloons before the party or have guests help. Personally, I always get a happy feeling when I blow up a balloon.

Now, place those blown-up balloons by the line that you just made. Guest will take turns and will have thirty seconds to try and score the most points by either throwing, batting, or kicking the balloons into the boxes. Whoever scores the most points wins!

Not only is this a super-fun game to play, it is also challenging (especially outside on a windy day!), practices hand-eye coordination, and encourages kids to use their math brains. It is also inexpensive, easy to set up and will make every one of your guests happy they came to your party!

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