DIY Candy Makeup!

Did you know that you can make your own makeup using your favorite candies!? Well, it is very true and quite delicious. Starburst lipstick and M&M eyeliner… sounds crazy but it’s oh so cool! I figured this time of year would be perfect for a making-makeup-mania post. Not only is this fun for everyday birthdays but… prom is right around the corner! So, let’s get to it and create pretty faces for birthdays and fun dances!

I was ‘YouTubing’ a while back and came across this fun, spunky, and creative girl… Katharine Ward. She is the inspiration behind this post. Check her out on YouTube. She has a lot of fun DIY ideas that are super inexpensive and doable.

Here’s her video on DIY Starburst Lipstick…

And her video on DIY M&M Eyeliner…


Isn’t this just so cool?! Inexpensive and doable. That’s what we are all about… so I guess you could say Katharine Ward and 12 Dollar Birthday are a match made in heaven. And, just real quick,  back to the candy… whatever candy you have left over, you can eat! Have fun treating yourself, your friends, and your family with this fun and flavor-filled project!

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