Solar System Snacks!

Snacks at birthday parties can get expensive and are most of the time unhealthy. So let’s talk about snacks that are super healthy, inexpensive, fun and educational – SOLAR SYSTEM SNACKS!

You can add any fruit you want to make your solar system. I ended up using a kiwi, grapeIMG_3875tomatoes, grapes, a banana, blueberries, an orange slice, and a bit of apple for Saturn’s ring. For the stars, I cut-up mini marshmallows only because I couldn’t find a fruit that was that tiny and bright! After I cut up my fruit, I assembled my solar system onto a black paper plate (these can be found in bulk at The Dollar Store).

For a little less stress on you and more fun for guests, cut all the fruit before your party and separate it out in bowls. That way, you don’t have to assemble all the solar systems and guests can have a blast creating, learning, and eating all at the same time! For an added activity, you can create labels for the planets and play a matching game like I did below!


I hope your next birthday party is out of this world! Or, should I say… SOLAR SYSTEM! Ha!

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