BaNaNaGrAm Party!

Go bananas by celebrating all things banana!

They’re a magical fruit, those bananas! This party idea celebrates the joy and fun that is often missed with the every day banana.

This party is all about bananagrams. A bananagram is a message with a little bit of humor in it which presents the perfect opportunity to make a pun. This party will revolve around a fabulous fruit and will demonstrate how words or phrases that sound alike can have different meanings; a play on words that make a joke.

An example is… How do you get a handkerchief to dance? Put a little boogie in it. In this case boogie has two meanings, dancing and well, I won’t go into detail on the later.

Prior to the party, have each child create a bananagram which they will then bring with them to share at the party. Guests will share their bananagram by writing it down on paper. Cut pieces of paper into banana shapes for guests or provide that as an activity during the party. At the party, each guest will write out their bananagram on as many bananas as there are people. If there are 10 guests, you will need to cut out 100 bananas, 10 for each guest. Encourage guests to artistically decorate their bananagrams and to also include their name on each one. Provide every guest with a bag. After all bananagrams have been finished, instruct everyone to deliver one of their bananagrams to each guest. Guests can read their bananagrams allowed or can leave with a “bunch” of fun to read when they get home!

Hungry for bananas? Grab a couple bunches from the store and use a marker to draw funny faces on them. Give one to each guest for a healthy and silly snack!

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