Pretzel Toss Party!

Toss them, eat them, take them home!

Next to popcorn, pretzels are one of the most inexpensive snacks that anyone can enjoy at any party — they are versatile and fun to toss around!

A bag of pretzels is about $2 and contains about 12 child servings. Why not create a game that is fun and edible? Start by portioning pretzels out so that everyone has the same amount. Use baggies or brown paper bags, giving each guest their very own pretzel present. It’s now time to toss the pretzels around! Create a target (this could be a bucket, bowl, box, etc.) and have guests take turns tossing pretzels into it. Whoever makes the most pretzels into the target wins. The winner of pretzel toss wins an extra bag of pretzels to take home.

Not only does this contest involve a yummy snack, it’s also a great way for young kids to practice basic hand-eye coordination.

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