Building a Friendship Road

Tiny toy cars and friends, a genius, low-budget idea for your next party. Invite guests to either bring from home or purchase a tiny toy car for a special activity. They will be creating a road to the future for their friend; essentially “Building a Friendship Road.”

Encourage guests to bring and share their favorite drawing materials  in order to custom design their own roads. If you have materials at home, those can be provided as well for guests to enjoy. Along with the toy cars and drawing materials, you will need cardboard boxes. The more boxes, the more roads and futures that can be built. Cut boxes into 12 x 4 inch pieces… generally kids will want to draw on 3 to 5 sections of road.

Before guests begin designing their roads, explain that the gift they are giving is a special piece of road that describes their friendship with the guest of honor. Once they have finished, put the pieces of road together and invite everyone to ride their cars on it. Now you have a long and crazy road with every piece of it being unique.

In the end, the guest of honor will keep all the pieces of the road that their family and friends made for them… a toy they can bring home and reminder of love and friendship.

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