A Birthday Kind of Morning

Even now, as an adult who doesn’t get super excited about their birthday, when I wake up on that special day that comes around every year (the day I entered this world) I can’t help but feel a little tingle of joy. To most children, if not all children, a birthday is something that is anxiously anticipated and thought about days beforehand. A fun way to make their day as special as they are is to start celebrating as soon as they wake up (if they were even able to sleep from excitement). Here are some fun birthday wake-up calls for that special birthday person!


  1. A BED FULL OF BALLOONS – If you have a helium tank, or know someone who does, grab some balloons and ribbon from the dollar store, inflate away, and tape them around the bed! If no helium tank, no worries. Just blow up the balloons and spread them all over the room and on top of the bed.
  2. A DOOR FULL OF BALLOONS – Use crepe paper to make a barrier over the birthday bedroom door. Blow up about 20 balloons and place them between the crepe paper and the door. When the birthday boy/girl opens their door, all the balloons will fall into their room!
  3. A SWEET LIPSTICK MESSAGE – Write a special birthday message with lipstick, lip gloss, or whatever will wipe off easily from the bathroom mirror.
  4. A DOOR FULL OF SWEET NOTES – Sneak back up to their room and tape sweet notes on their door reminding them how special they are.
  5. A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY FEAST – Decorate a chair in the dining room just for the birthday person using balloons, crepe paper, birthday hats, ribbon, whatever you have on hand. Then, make a magnificent stack of pancakes with sprinkles, grab some donuts and pile them high on a plate, or make toast and cut it into fun shapes. Whatever breakfast you chose, stick a candle in it for extra love.
  6. A RAD BIRTHDAY MIX – Put a collection together of their favorite music and have it playing in the house as soon as they wake up, on the way to school, after school, etc.

These fun surprises are sure to make your boy/girl’s birthday one they will never forget. Thanks to you, they’ll start their special day great, which will make the rest of their day even greater.

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