Simple and Sweet Sea Creatures!

If you are hosting an under the sea themed party and are looking to stay on a budget, lookFile_000(52) no further. You can get everything you need for under $12. As for decorations, I’ve created a super cheap and easy way to make sea creatures out of aluminum foil. YES, aluminum foil. I love the way they float, shine, and sparkle. Their goofy looks, and crazy legs are also amusing!

What you’ll need –

  • Aluminum foil
  • A cup – to shape your sea creature (I used a red SOLO cup).
  • Paint or markers – I’ve found paint works better on the crinkly foil parts.
  • Scissors (optional) – you can simply rip the foil with your hands if scissors aren’t accessible.
  • String – I used fishing line.
  • Tape – to tape the string to the ceiling.


Start with a piece of foil, any size will do. Various sized sea creatures are encouraged. Find the center of that piece and fold it over your cup. I used my fingers to smooth the top 2″ around the cup for easy decorating. Decorate your creature and let dry if using paint. While your creature dries, you can work on the legs. I used a scissors to cut up from the bottom of the foil piece to the part I decorated. Then, I twisted the foil to make crazy legs. The best part about using foil is that it’s so workable, allowing you to move the legs around as much as you want.

Now, once the paint is dry, remove from cup, poke two holes on the top of the creature, thread the string (or fishing line) through, and hang from the ceiling using tape. Make sure you use sticky tape that you can depend on. You don’t want sea creatures landing on guest’s heads.File_000(54)

As an extra little sumpin’ sumpin’ I cut little fish out of extra foil I had and also strung them from the ceiling. They were the perfect filler and happily danced around the bigger sea creatures. If your table is looking a little bare, you can sprinkle it with gold chocolate coins, or perhaps jewels from a treasure chest! For a snack, goldfish crackers and Swedish fish are a must! Pinterest has really sweet ideas for under the sea birthday party ideas that I highly recommend checking out. Pinterest is a great resource for DIY projects. And although some may not be affordable, with a little creativity you can modify them to fit your budget!




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