A Jar Full of Wishes

A wish for someone goes a long way. Recently I received a book of wishes from a dear friend of mine and even though they are sweet things written about myself, it is vainly one of my favorite books. I think I can speak for much of humanity when I say – receiving positive vibes whether they are spoken, acted, or read, is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Some wish for things when they blow out their birthday candles, but what about wishes for that special birthday girl or boy? Remind them just how special they are with a jar full of wishes they can look back on when they need them most.

What you’ll need:

  • A jar – to fill with guest’s wishes for the birthday girl/boy.
  • Foam – to surround the wishes (you’ll see what I mean soon!).
  • Scissorsto cut the foam.
  • Glue – to bind the foam.
  • Clothespins – to help the glue set. Keep the clothespins and use string to display the wishes once they’re opened!
  • Paper – cut into 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ pieces for guests to write their wish on. Ask guests to think of a wish before they arrive – more time to craft at the party!
  • Writing utensils – for writing wishes.

When everyone is ready, gather all your supplies and let guests write their wishes for the birthday boy/girl on a piece of paper. During that time, you can let the guest of honor decorate their wish jar! This will keep them busy while everyone else is constructing their wish package. Once the wishes are written, have guests cut shapes out of the foam that they will then use as their wish “package.” I cut hearts and stars by folding a piece of foam once, ending up with two shapes of the same size. Roll the wish up and place it in the center of the two shapes. Glue the edges and use clothespins to help with the drying process. Once guests are all done, wait about an hour to fill the jar with all the wishes.

Fold, cut, roll, glue, clothespin!

There you have it! A jar full of wishes. The best part is that the birthday person can open their wishes whenever they want. At the party, after the party, or weeks past the party, they’ll reach into their jar of wishes, break open a wish package, and be filled with good vibes and love – what a wonderful thought.


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