Funny Happenings… Try Not to LaUgH!

The majority of my posts target little kiddo audiences – filling my brain with thoughts only for little kiddo parties. It’s every 20 or so ideas where I think, “Hey, teens and adults need love too!” And although teens and adults can modify any of my children’s ideas to fit their age (which I highly recommend), this post goes out specifically to all those teens and adults who need to break away from social media and have some good, funny, and heart-warming conversation time. With so much information about ourselves being on the internet these days it sometimes feels like we know all there is to know about each other, leaving us with not much to talk about in person. Funny happenings are a great way to learn a thing or two you never knew about the people you care about most, and who care most about you!


Every guest should come to the party with two funny facts/stories about themselves that they think no one else knows…something funny that happened to them at one time. When guests arrive, have them write down their funnies on a slip of paper and put them in a bowl – this is what guests will draw from once the game starts. To start the game, have the birthday boy/girl pick the first happening from the hat. He or she will read it aloud and everyone will have to guess who it happened to. Here’s where it gets silly… if someone guesses the right person, that person who guessed correctly gets a sticker. The sticker, however, can be taken from the guesser if the person with the funny happening makes them laugh when they are telling the story behind it. If they can make the people who chose them laugh, THEY get the sticker. Take turns picking happenings and reading them aloud until all the happenings are gone from the bowl. The person with the most stickers in the end is the winner!

So there you have it, a FREE birthday activity that you can literally do anywhere, needs little to no prep at all, and lasts a lifetime. The conversation and laughter around this game will be something you and your friends will talk about for years to come.

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