Snowflakes – Simple and Sweet

Receiving handmade gifts is the greatest. Knowing that someone took the time to create a masterpiece with you in mind can fill you right up with love. This feeling is the best feeling when it comes to birthdays. If your hosting a birthday party in the winter and you want to add a little love to your special birthday person’s day, give them the gift of handmade snowflakes! Have this be the main activity during the party – it’s easy to do this for hours (I would know, it’s one of my favorite pastimes). And, the longer you let everyone create, the more designs they will discover! It’s especially fun if snow isn’t falling where you’re at. What an easy ways to make that beautiful white stuff happen!

All you need for this activity is paper of any kind (coffee filters work awesome too) and scissors for every guest. Keep the snowflakes as simple or as complex as you’d like. Here’s how to make a basic snowflake:

Then start cutting away!

After guests have completed their snowflakes, gift them to the birthday boy or girl – they will be buried in snow love!

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