MaGiCaL Meltaways

This is a fun idea that triples as a gift for the birthday person, party favors, and treats! We’re going to freeze objects in water using ice cube trays – and now that it’s winter, what better time to FREEZE?file_00031

What you need:

  • Ice cube trays – how many you get depends on how many guests you have. I would say if you have 12-20 people, get 4 total.
  • Party favors – little dinosaurs/plastic diamond rings are some of my favorites (as you can see from the pictures).
  • Water – I got a gallon of drinking water just to make sure my cubes weren’t too cloudy from my bad water but any FREE water will do!
  • Cups – for the drinks!
  • Cord or string – for the bracelet idea below.

A Special Birthday Bracelet Idea:

This is a really fun birthday present idea that the birthday person can keep with them forever and wear everyday to remind them of the ones they love the most. Instead of dinosaurs or rings, have every guest bring a bead that they pick especially for the birthday boy/girl. Gather all the beads and place one in each ice cube tray opening… FREEZE! Once the cubes are frozen, use them for the birthday person’s special drink! As the birthday person’s cubes melt (and they have finished their drinks), the beads can be strung on a cord and and tied around their wrist! Everyone will love showing off what bead was theirs and how different they all are from one another.

Next time you fill your ice cube tray, fill it with extra, sweet, little treasures – it’s just way more fun than plain old ice. Watch as the ice melts away and your treasures MaGiCaLlY appear!


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