Betty Crocker’s 1964 Party Book!

I scored this amazing book from a thrift store and am absolutely in love with it. The pictures and colors are beautiful and the content is super-great as well.

Betty Crocker’s Parties for Children was written by Lois M. Freeman in 1964. It contains “…everything you need to know to make party-giving for 5 to 11-year-olds a satisfying and happy experience.” I have to share the main points made in this book – it’s so interesting how times have changed.

  1. Parties are for having fun, but they also teach children how to entertain, play with others, and how to be a guest. The more parties hosted, the better host or hostess the child will become.
  2. The best place to hold a birthday party is at the child’s home – it is where he/she will feel most secure and can be a natural host/hostess. Be sure to put toys away before guests arrive since children are easily distracted by toys, it will be difficult to get their cooperation for party games.
  3. When planning the time for refreshments, allow just 20 minutes for ice cream and cake, 30 minutes for a simple luncheon or supper, and about 45 minutes for a dinner party.
  4. It is not pleasant to watch a birthday child plunge into their presents. Before the party, play “Pretend Party” with your child so that he will know just how to greet his guests and accept presents.
  5. Sending an invitation through the mail establishes an air of festivity about your child’s party right from the start.
  6. Keep decorations to a minimum – too many will only confuse the children. Confine decorations to a cluster of balloons (one for each guest plus more for breakage) and a colorful table setting without too much on it.
  7. For any occasion, keep the refreshments simple. Many children do not eat well when they are away from home or faced with all the excitement of the birthday party.

I know these points are pretty old school but I think it is important to look back on what use to be. Points 6 & 7 have changed so drastically. In many cases nowadays, decorations become the most important part of the entire party which is not what it’s all about. Pinterest is filled with birthday party themes and ideas to create the greatest party of all time. Decorations are great and can make your little one excited, but that’s not what celebrating another year of their lives is all about. The time, money, and energy put into decorating for a party can get overwhelming and out of control. Don’t let it! Think back to this Betty Crocker Birthday Book and hwhenever you’re feeling frazzled and consumed by what you want others to think about you and your party. Keep things simple as is stated in point #7. Kids aren’t going to remember the guava kiwi lemonade with pomegranate seeds that you made or the brownies with 87% dark chocolate, dried raspberries and little bit of powdered sugar dusted ever so lightly on top!


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