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Me and Little Hottie (our office unicorn)

Hi! I’m Katie, the blogger on I love this blog, it is my baby. Well, not my baby (it’s technically Mickey’s baby – she created this wonderful site), but I care deeply for it all the same. A while back Mickey gave me the reins to take over the blog… a lot to live up to but I was eager to accept the challenge. I’m so glad I did and feel rewarded every single day to work on such a giving project.

Mickey thought it would be good to do an ‘interview blog’ with me for you guys to get to know me, the writer, a little better…

We were told that you were actually a pastry chef – what is a pastry chef doing as an intern for a financial firm?

Sure I’m technically a “pastry chef”, but I like to think of myself more as a creator. Working with Mickey is great because I am able to bring my craftswomanship to a completely different environment and to completely different people. I’m always interested in learning new things. From an ice cream scooper to a machine operator at a foundry, I’ve had a wide range of jobs already in my lifetime and am never bored. If I had only one job my whole life, I would go bonkers.

What was your reaction when you were told that part of your job was going to be about children’s birthday parties?

Pumped! My creative juices flow 24/7 which I am thankful for every single day. Because they flow so swiftly, I make doing crafty and thrifty things a part of my everyday routine. It’s a fun time right now because my sister is pregnant… so many baby projects! Shout out to my sis – she’ll be having that baby any day now! Just finished a light-up cloud mobile for over the crib 🙂

I am always on a budget much like the audience we reach out to on 12 Dollar Birthday and am constantly looking for ways to make the best out of what I have. I think I am a pretty good fit when it comes to inexpensive birthday party ideas!

This project was originally created as outreach for families in homelessness. Has your view of homelessness changed since you took on this project?

My views on homelessness have been changing everyday since I moved to the Twin Cities in 2012. Growing up in a small town, I used to think of homelessness as something you would see – someone on the side of the street asking for spare change. I never put together everything associated with it. Living in a bigger city I have learned so much more about culture and life in general. I now know that there are homeless people you can’t see. There are shelters, schools, other dwellings where people are able to go for help. I now associate homelessness with unfortunate circumstances that result in poverty, loss, disability, etc. I’m not sure if this project has changed my views on homelessness, but I am so glad I am able to use it as a vehicle to reach out to those in need.

Has doing this blog changed your thoughts about parties in any special way?

Yes. I’m a little squirrely when it comes to people coming over to my house. Even if it’s just for a low-key dinner, I always scramble to clean, redecorate a little bit, and make everything look as perfect as possible – it’s pretty silly. When Mickey first told me about the blog and that hosting any sort of gathering should be stress-free so as to make it stress-free for the guest of honor, it really made me step back and rethink how I am as a host. A gathering of any sort, be it a party, dinner, whatever, should be an enjoyable time for all, not a hassle. It’s about the company, not your own personal gratification.

Every blogger has an entry that warmed their heart in a certain way, what is your favorite blog entry on the birthday book?

I would have to say the “Thin Ice” post about an inexpensive idea for a “Frozen” themed party. Because this is such a loved movie by so many people, I was excited at the opportunity to reach out to those who are looking to have a “Frozen” themed party on a budget. I searched “Frozen” themed parties once on Pinterest and I can’t even tell you how many boards of extravagant decorations, fancy schmancy cupcakes, and over-the-top party favors there were. Thin Ice is a game I used to play when I was a child that involves objects many people already have laying around at home – marbles, tissue, water, cups, and rubber bands. Easy, free and fun. This post taught me that it’s not what your party looks like that matters most, what matters most is how special your birthday person feels. You are planning a party for them based on their favorite movie. They’re going to think that’s pretty amazing no matter what.

Now that you know a little about me, I hope we get to know a little more about all of you! Our hope for this blog is that it brings people together in the happiest ways imaginable. Thank you for checking out the blog and stop back soon for new ideas, fun, and inspiration!

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  1. Katie, I really enjoyed reading your interview blog. Your creativity on low budget birthday ideas is very unique and exciting, I’m sure they will be used often by many. I look forward to seeing ALL the talent you have inside you!

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