Field Goals, Friends, and Fierce Eye Paint!

Field goals, friends, and fierce eye paint – FoOtBaLl MaNiA. The season is well underway and if your special birthday person is feeling a victory dance coming on, my ideas for a cheap and easy football-themed party will be a hit.

To make this birthday party extra special, you’ll want to find out your birthday boy or girl’s favorite football team so you can decorate in those colors. Decorations for football-themed parties are super easy and can all be found at the Dollar Store (color specific balloons, streamers, plates and napkins, plastic-ware, construction paper for football making and hanging, etc.) Balloons are my favorite… I love scattering them all over the place when I host a party. They’re fun to kick around if you’re just standing there and they won’t break anything! Oh yeah! You can draw some laces on the balloons for an extra “football feel”.IMG_3198

The following football games can be as competitive as you want to make them. And, don’t forget the eye paint! I used a piece of brown felt I had lying around and tape. I have seen face paint at the Dollar Store too!

  • Flag football – Create an end zone where teams will try to score (and of course show off their very own victory dance after every touchdown). In flag football, there is no tackling to stop an opponent with the ball. Instead, players will pull flags that are tucked partially into everyone’s waistbands. Don’t have flags? Use the streamers from decorating! Don’t have a football? Any other ball will do that you have around.
  • Pin the football between the field goal posts – This is a spin-off on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Get a white piece of tag board from the Dollar Store and draw field goal posts. Provide construction paper, drawing utensils, and scissors for guests to create their own football which they will try to pin between the posts after being spun around a few times blindfolded. You can also use tape as a safe alternative to being poked with a pin – OUCH!IMG_3199
  • Make a paper football – Have guests cut a strip of paper and fold it into a triangle to make their own paper footballs. I’m including a “how-to” picture on this one! There are different variations on this game including touchdowns, kickoffs, two-point conversions, etc. My favorite way to play this game is to just take turns flicking your paper football to try and make a field goal through your partner’s hands. As you can see below, I am about to successfully flick my paper football into my friend’s field goal post fingers.FullSizeRender(14)

    And it’s good!

These are just a few of many football ideas for a party. The web is a great place to research ideas to make your party really awesome for your special birthday person. I find a lot of my inspiration online and try to figure out ways to create the cheapest, silliest, and most memorable ideas for everyone. Making birthday parties fun to host and affordable is what we’re all about – and we LOVE doing it!

Don’t forget to check out our 12 Dollar Birthday Pinterest page here if you’re out and about on the web!


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