Totally 80s PaRtY

Oh, the 80s. Sunglasses, playlists, ripped t-shirts, scrunched socks, big hair, and lipstick! This party is going to be the bomb so let’s get rockin’!

LEG AND HAND WARMERS are coming back which means you can get them at your local clothing stores. But, why pay a fortune when you already have some at home? Didn’t you know you did!? Look in your sock drawer. If you’re like me, I wear my socks until the holes on the bottom become REALLY noticeable. At this point, I get really sad because I have a deep connection with some of my socks and don’t want to throw them away. Now, I don’t have to be so sad because, thanks to the 80s revival, I can use the top of the sock for leg or hand warmers. Sometimes I’ll use the bottoms (with the holes) and sew little catnip treats for my kitties, Boots and Tubby. They very much appreciate my recycling.


AS FOR LIPSTICK… you can make your own, although it might be cheaper and less time consuming to just get sticks at the Dollar Store. If you want an activity to do at the party, though, making your own lipstick is super fun and easy. I used this awesome lipstick recipe (made from STARBURSTS!) in a previous post but think it’s totally worthy to use again. This girl is awesome.

SUNGLASSES can be bought in packs at any Dollar Store or Target in the party section. Sunglasses are a must for an 80s party. In 1984, Corey Hart sang it best, ‘I wear my sunglasses at night. So I can so I can.’

THE CLASSIC GAME OF TELEPHONE will be the perfect game to play at your 80s party. Have everyone sit in a circle. One person starts the game by thinking of a phrase that they will whisper to the person sitting to the right. Then, that person whispers it to the person to their right until the phrase gets all the way around the circle. The last person to hear the phrase says it out loud so everyone can hear how much it has changed from the first whisper at the beginning of the circle. A few notes to make the game more challenging – the phrase can only be whispered once, so players must play close attention and phrases should be difficult and unfamiliar so they will likely change around the circle. Telephone is one of my favorite games because it is filled with giggles, mystery, and good teamwork. It’s an unexpected challenge.

YOUR PLAYLIST can be whatever 80s jams make you crazy happy and will result in the ultimate dance party. Mine would include hits from WHAM!, Katrina and the Waves, Kenny Loggins, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, A-ha, David Bowie, Pat Benatar, and Hall & Oates, just to name a few.

Have a happy, like, totally, tubular birthday party. It will be totally rad hosting a birthday under $12, not to mention under NO STRESS. You’ll be walkin’ on sunshine. Oh! And don’t forget to keep some Aqua Net in the bathroom for all to use when needed!



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