Stop! Drop! AND BOWL!

As fun and affordable as it is to host a party in your own home, it’s also nice to get out and about with the kiddos for an adventure. I’m thinking… a mini bowling party and then off to the fire station! So let’s start at home with some fire fighter themed bowling and puppy chow (in honor of all those puppy dog dalmatians who love fire stations).


If the weather is nice, I highly recommend bowling on the lawn or in your driveway… less risk of breaking the pretties in your home and nothing beats fresh air. Another advantage of bowling outside is that you can use a hose or water toy to knock down the pins as if you are really putting out a fire! If you must bowl inside, find the most spacious area and set up a lane. I used ‘fire truck red’ solo cups and added some awesome flames with a little paint. Use a rubber ball, ball of fabric (which I used), beach ball, or whatever you have that will knock those cups down.


Puppy Chow

While the kids wait their turn to bowl, provide a tasty snack to keep them occupied. Here’s just one of the many puppy chow recipes that are out there:

Fire Station

Now that bellies are satisfied and our bowling spirits are raised, it’s time to head over to the fire station! I turned the red solo cups into hats so we would fit in when we got there. It’s good to give the fire station a couple weeks notice before you show up. That way, they can pencil you in and it won’t be a surprise that you’re coming.

Kids can learn so much from a visit to a fire station like, how to stop, drop, and roll, what happens when firefighters get an emergency call, fire prevention safety, etc. The giant, red, shiny trucks are fun to look at too! So, get the kids out on an adventure they’ll never forget. Your birthday boy/girl will think you’re the bees knees knowing that you set something so AWESOME up, not to mention low maintenance and incredibly affordable. The only items purchased were the cups ($1.49) and Puppy Chow ingredients ($8.00). A birthday under $12? That’s our kind of birthday.


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