Musical Everything Makes Everyone Happy!

What gets a party started? MUSIC.

What keeps the party going? MUSIC.

What makes people happy? MUSIC.

Music is an easy way to bring everyone together. Whether you use music as a background sound or in a game, it will be what everyone takes with them at the end of the party. Smiles and hmm, hmm, la, la, la, oooo, oooo, is what you’ll be hearing in the car on the way home. And, that’s the best.

This blog isn’t about one specific music game, it’s about using music in general. You can revolve an entire party around music. Here are a few ideas how:

  1. MuSiCaL cHaIrS. Oh the joy this simple and classic game brings to everyone. I love it. All you need are chairs and music (or a singer). When the music stops, add a fun twist. Have whoever didn’t make it into a chair draw an animal name from a hat. He or she will have to act out the animal while everyone else guesses what it is. Do this until people and animals are out!
  2. Borrow a karaoke machine if you can. Or, better yet, make or purchase a few fake microphones, play music and let the kids sing at the top of their lungs. Have the kids make band names for themselves. Put on a concert – “Next up we have The Cool Kids on the Block performing their hit single, ‘Let it Go’!
  3. Going along with the band theme, have kids bring old t-shirts from home that they can personalize and decorate before hitting the stage. Provide fabric paint/markers.
  4. DANCE PARTY! Turn up the music and dance!!!
  5. Make your own drums! Gather pots, pans, wooden spoons, whatever you can find around the house and have the kids experiment with musical sounds.

Music always equals a party and it will keep the kids feeling happy and stress-free! How do you stay stress-free? Don’t go at it alone!  Ask other parents to bring music and if you don’t have a music player, I’ll bet someone else does and would be more than happy to bring it. Who knows, your neighbor might even have a karaoke machine you can borrow! When planning a party, let others help you. Two brains are always better than one – imagine what could happen with 8 or 15 brains!

When you’re stressed, your birthday boy/girl is stressed. Take a helping hand and groove to the music! This day is all about your little one!

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